Our Purpose

To GO live out ministry in the church and on mission to our community so that both will KNOW God

by magnifying Jesus as liberator and Lord, in order to GROW together as family members of maturing followers.


Being a Christian has become more of a cultural identification in this world rather than a lifestyle. KNOWING Jesus involves every area of our life and starts with a drastic change in direction. The KNOW symbol is a light bulb because it shows that drastic change from light to dark.  Or like when a cartoon character would finally understand something a proverbial light bulb would appear over their head.  The first thing that happens when the power is turned on in your life is that you Know Jesus.


The GROW symbol resembles the signal strength on bars for many digital devices.  Growing as followers of Christ together is a process and the signal strength may 'vary' depending on your season of life. Our focus on Christ becomes clearer as our community grows - and as our relationships deepen to be a people living out the Gospel and growing in our faith so also the Grow bars strengthen.


To GO, means to follow Jesus as a disciple wherever he leads you. We must GO into the world around us and share the good news of Jesus ~ the symbol for “GO” denotes this truth with a 'share icon' we often see in social media.  There are four circles in the Grow symbol; an outer dark circle representing our Time and three inner connected red circles representing our Talent, Treasure, and Testimony.  We can GO live intentionally by sharing our time, talent, treasure, and testimony for the Kingdom of God.

Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship:

Sunday School ~ 9:00am

Worship Service ~ 10:15am

Ladies Bible Study ~ 5:00pm


Weekday Nights:


  • Men's Study at 7 pm


  • Bible Study at 7 pm
Our Location

501 South Cliff Drive

Gallup, NM 87301



Get Involved

Here are some ways to get involved and to Grow in Biblical Community.  Here are a few:

How Can I .... Know Jesus?

Knowing Jesus can be as basic as accepting Him as your Lord and Savior for the first time to being as consistent as knowing Him in worship on a weekly and daily basis.

How can I ... Grow as a Disciple

Growing as a Christian is a process and not something you can easily chart in terms of progress depending on the season of life you are in.  Growing can look like consistent church attendance (not because you are going to get an award for good attendance) so that your relationship with other believers are strengthened.  Often growing involves spending quality time in the Bible and opening our hearts for God's truth to change us.

How can I GO live intentionally...

Only Christians can 'GO.' Going entails being involved in some kind of ministry (usually something you volunteer to help with) and a mission (sharing your faith in various ways).

GCC's Distinctives



Solid Bible Teaching

Gospel Minded


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