Our Motto:

Turn the Power On in Your Life!

To preach the gospel of grace and of the kingdom to sinners that they may be saved.

To minister the life supply to believers that they may grow in Christ.

To establish the church in the city that the believers may become a local corporate expression of Christ in practicality.

To release the living and rich word of God from the Holy Scriptures that the believers may be nourished to grow and mature.

To build up the Body of Christ so that the Bride may be prepared for the coming back of the Christ as the Bridegroom.

Our Purpose:

To Know, Grow, and Go ~  to GO live out ministry in the church and on mission to our community so that both will KNOW God by magnifying Jesus as liberator and Lord, in order to GROW together as family members of maturing followers.

Our Focuses:

As seen in the Purpose statement are the 5 areas of a New Testament Church: Ministry, Mission, Magnifying, Membership, and Maturing.  To clarify these five things look like the following:

  • Ministry: volunteering for a committee, ministry or unofficial calling at the church.  This could be helping with Church Jr., cleaning/preparing things in the building, teaching a study, leading a small group, helping with a worship service, etc.
  • Mission: Finding ways to bring the Kingdom of God to the doorsteps of our community members that don’t KNOW Jesus yet.  This could be thru a small group, personal evangelism, sharing your testimony in person or for a video in a service that you can later share online.
  • Magnifying: this is coming into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and continuing to Know Him by worshiping him.  The first time a person does this is normally when they accept Jesus to be their liberator and Lord.  This also happens during worship on Sunday mornings and in personal opportunities to worship God.
  • Membership: being part of a family, not signing up for a club or gym.  As believers Grow their should also be growth in relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ.  This happens thru planned (potlucks, events, etc.) and unplanned (greeting, small groups, etc) opportunities to build those relationships with other church family members.
  • Maturing: this means that we are unwilling to remain stagnate.  We need to grow in our ability to follow Jesus with studying the word, spiritual disciplines, and accountability.  This is an ongoing process that no one gets an excuse from.  Jesus called us to follow Him and make disciples so that’s what we intend to do.

Service Times

Please come visit us on Sunday mornings for the 2 following opportunities:

  • Sunday School (Bible Study) ~ 9:30 Am (Our Elders take turns teaching)
  • Worship Service ~ 10:15 am

*Children’s Church is available during the sermon. (Elementary age and younger)

Your children are also welcome to stay with you in the service


Our street address is 501 S. Cliff Drive Gallup, NM 87301

Click Here for a map and directions: http://bit.ly/1doDOZW


Our congregation comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, and this is reflected in the way we dress on Sunday; in everything from jeans or shorts and polo shirts, to sports coats and slacks. Please do not feel that you have to “dress up for Church” when you come to visit.


It is our practice to partake of The Lord’s Supper each week during our Sunday morning service. All born again believers are invited to partake, regardless of Church membership. Our practice is to serve non-alcoholic grape juice out of respect for those who, out of conscience, prefer not to drink wine. If you are a Christian, please feel free to participate, or not, as you wish.

Our History

Gallup Christian Church was originally formed in the late 1940’s, as “First Christian Church of Gallup.”  The Church was affiliated with the United Christian Missionary Society / Disciples of Christ from March 1, 1949 until October 14, 1951, when the Church withdrew itself from this denomination to become an independent Christian Church, and changed its name to “Gallup Christian Church.”
Worship services were initially held in several different places including: The Service Center, Girl Scouts Little House, I.O.O.F. Hall, and The Women’s Club.

On July 29, 1952 the congregation voted to buy the corner lot at Cliff and Mesa, the house and land which are now the parsonage were purchased in the Spring of 1953, and construction of the original Church building was completed in June 1953.  Several additions and improvements have been made during the intervening years.

Gallup Christian Church is not your typical church.  We have a great mix of generations that means: having mainly hymns in worship but also a couple of contemporary worship songs, spiritually mature elders to lead the congregation, lots of cute adorable small children to keep everyone feeling younger, and many couples in their 20’s and 30’s that bring fresh ways of doing things with older couples who enrich those moments with their experience.

We are excited that we have strong Elders and a healthy leadership to teach and lead our church family like the early church was lead in the book of Acts.


Gallup Christian Church - 1991






                                 1955                                                                                                  1991


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