We have a ministry for young people, that are in 3rd to 12th grade.

We meet Thursdays at 7pm.

This is our vision concerning our children and young people: we are co-laboring with God to produce sons of God for the Body of Christ, and to consummate the New Jerusalem.

We’re laboring to take all of our children in the old creation and to coordinate with the Lord to make them His children in the new creation.

We’re laboring with the Lord for our children to receive the divine life and to remain in the church life their whole life and for them to make a strong decision to say: “I choose to be here! By the Lord’s mercy I will be here my whole life because, positively, I see something of the vision of God’s purpose; and negatively, I see that everything else is of vanity.”

It is to this end that we labor, pray, fight, serve, and minister in one accord to our children, allowing the Love of God in Christ Jesus to flow to them through us. May the Lord bless all our children and young people and may He preserve them in His love and grace.